Commitment to Quality

At AXA Assistance, the commitment to quality runs deep. The combination of these skills, supported by technology and a worldwide network of providers means AXA Assistance can respond quickly and effectively.

Our People, Process and Standards

Our People

Quality begins with the people we hire. Employees undergo a three-six month training program that is augmented by regular performance reviews and a detailed training plan. All calls are monitored to ensure kudos and complaints are captured and addressed. Call data and statistics bolster feedback loop to measure the key components of every customer interaction. 


Our Process

At AXA Assistance, quality is part of every action we take, from how we serve customers to the people we hire. Every customer relationship is supported by a five-step process that includes activities that will lead to the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

  • Planning: we work with clients to design the service and establish expectations about features, service levels and timetables.
  • Roll Out: we use a written project plan to ensure service availability takes place on time.
  • Monitoring: we report to clients about how the service is being used.
  • Evaluation: we use audits and “voice of the customer” surveys to understand where the service exceeds or falls short of expectations.
  • Enhancement: we work with clients to identify process improvements or new features that will make the service even more beneficial.


Our High Standards

At AXA Assistance we regularly seek out certification from authorizing bodies to recognize our business processes and we consistently encourage employees to pursue individual recognition. 
Our Quality Management System is certified ISO 9001:2015. 
As part of our commitment to Quality, we consistently look for new ways to pursue excellence. AXA Assistance obtained URAC accreditation in Case Management. Our continued accreditation is an enhancement of our Quality Management System and our Case Management capabilities.