Network Access & Cost Containment

AXA Assistance gives access to one of the most extensive global networks, providing our clients a network solution with optimal savings performance and higher acceptance rate. 

Managing Care for the Best Possible Outcomes

Network Access

Our cost containment solution is based on a combination of efficient use of our premier US carrier network access localized Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks, direct provider contracts, and negociations along with the expertise of our licensed medical coding and experienced claim examiners. 

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Cost Savings

By customizing the network to client's utilization, they receive wide access to providers' nationwide enabling direct settlement of medical bills, reducing out-of-pocket costs, balance billing and maximum discounts on US claims. 

Direct Negotiation Capabilities

AXA Assistance's dedicated Claims Settlement department consists of experienced medical negotiators well versed in applying various negotiation methodologies to a case as a whole. The settlement team will leverage our Medicare and paid claims databases to negotiate with providers based on true cost of service, as opposed to the standard approach that ineffectively pursues discounts without any cost reference.