AXA Assistance's Health Business Unit provides a wide range of services to insurance companies, self-funded employers, mobile work forces, and a variety of other client types help with managing the cost of health care while providing top quality providers through a comprehensive network.

Lower Costs, Improve Quality

Managing care for the best possible outcomes

Dealing with medical issues can be stressful. AXA Assistance Health Services ensure that a clients' employees or their customers’ employees are supported as they navigate a complex healthcare system.

When a health problem arises and someone is far from home, it can be challenging to know how and where to seek medical help and how to pay for it. AXA Assistance Health Services offer its clients the ability to ensure their customers and employees that their needs are met no matter where they are located in the world.

From handling claims efficiently to appropriate case management, when medical attention is needed, AXA Assistance Health Services are ready. Calls are answered 24 hours a day by experienced healthcare personnel who review each situation, steer into appropriate network and involve our in-house medical staff to control costs from the start.

AXA Assistance Health Services rely on information, technology and an extensive provider network to help improve patient care with guaranteed service performance and maximized savings. AXA Assistance Health Services offer products for expatriates, travelers, students and also support for those with a critical illness.


Cost-effective health management services

AXA Assistance Health Services provide customers with cost-effective health management services and innovative healthcare solutions. The services include:

  • Comprehensive Claims Management: Avoids and reduces costs while increasing transparency
  • U.S. and International Medical Network: Provides premier access to exclusive U.S. carriers and localized PPO networks plus international access to thousands of physicians and facilities
  • Experienced Case Management: Maintains quality while avoiding overutilization
  • Connected Health: Supports global teleconsultation capabilities


To learn more about how AXA Assistance Health Services can help you ensure better health experiences for your customer, employee or member programs, contact us at