Health management

AXA Assistance provides custumers with cost-effective health management services, patient centered programs to promote exceptional care and cost effective results. By managing care effciently and effectively before, during and after a case all opportunities are reviewed to achieve the best possible care at the lowest possible cost.

Managing Care Effectively Before, During and After

Utilization Management

Connected through the life of the medical case to review each situation and direct the case appropriately in order to maintain quality while avoiding overutilization. 

Different services are offered: 

-  Preauthorization and direct biling

-  Cost of estimates and reserving

-  Utilization audits 

Remote medical care

Virtual medical care provided by licensed providers to offer convenience for travelers and expatriates: 

-  Nurse advise line

-  Global medical teleconsultation

-  Remote crisis support

Care Management

Our care management program makes available a leading solutions by assisting individuals in naviguating the local healthcare system while helping to reduce their healthcare costs and optimizing their quality of life.

Available 24/7, AXA Assistance medical and URAC accredited case management teams are highly qualified in assessing medical appropriateness, recommending and implementing high quality, cost effective treatment plans as the case progresses.

To maintain quality, yet avoid overutilization, AXA Assistance Health Services employ the following protocols:

-  Staffing of a team of medical professionals to review cases and ensure services are medically necessary and relevant

-  Utilization of an industry standard evidence based management guidelines that focus on medical necessity, level of care and length of stay

-  Pre and post medical cost estimates for all inpatient cases, medical evacuations and repatriations

By vigorously managing all aspects of Quality, Access and Cost, our case management team is able to positively impact overall expenses through reduced inpatient lengths of stay, reduced re-admission rates and avoidance of unnecessary admissions. Our team also provides clients related cost avoidance savings reports and clinical summaries on an ongoing basis.



AXA Assistance also provides Second Medical Opinion service, designed to assist members in obtaining the expertise and opinions of doctor affiliated with US centers of excellence. Our SMO service is at arms reach from anywhere in the world and provides reassurance that the most appropriate medical care is being delivered.


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