Claims Management

AXA Assistance Health Services provides cost-effective health management, patient-centered programs to promote exceptional care and innovative healthcare solutions for travelers, expatriates, students and individuals traveling for treatment.

Lower Costs, Improve Quality

Cashless Access

AXA Assistance offers its members quick, seamless and cashless access to medical services through pre-authorization or direct access to our network verification of benefits (VOB) tool to ensure that providers receive coverage information in a timely fashion for both inpatient and outpatient treatments. Claims are efficiently processed, reviewed and re-priced at the preferred discount rate based on audit findings and network participation. 

Claims Audit and Review

AXA Assistance's claims management and cost containment solution is based on a combination of the efficient use of our proprietary and carrier network claims administration systems along with the expertise of our licensed medical coders and examiners.

AXA Assistance's advantages include:

✓ TPA licenses in all required U.S. states

✓ Ability to adjudicate claims in any language and currency

✓ All claims coded to U.S. standards for data consistency

✓ Detection of duplicate, unbundled, up-coded and fragmented

    provider bills

✓ Inpatient bill screening and audit

✓ Robust fraud screening protocols

✓ Strict claims payout turnaround time

✓ Industry leading leakage reduction standard of less than 1%


Claims Administration

Customized Reporting

AXA Assistance takes pride in providing its clients a high level of account transparency and analysis. We believe that savings achieved should be measured against a nationally recognized benchmark. AXA Assistance combines Savings and Medicare Reimbursements; UCR benchmarks give our clients an in-depth analysis of how their claims are trending.

Account Management

We believe in implementing a strong account management and communication process early in our client relationships. A dedicated Account Manager will analyze account and individual portfolios on a regular basis, providing extensive reporting and feedback. Through a consultative approach, the Account Manager offers support and transparency in adapting, advising and designing our service to meet our client’s strategic goals.




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