With more than 60 years of experience in understanding what can happen to travelers, AXA Assistance knows how to respond and has the resources to deliver the best kind of service at the right time and in the right way. Whether it's providing help with preparing for an upcoming journey or arranging for an emergency evacuation, AXA Assistance is ready to respond.

Experience, Resources, Innovative Services

Helping to provide peace of mind, 24/7

AXA Assistance offers a suite of services to give travelers peace of mind while away from home.

  • Travel and medical assistance: to help with pre-travel information, referrals, and medical assistance
  • Travel security: to help with managing safety and risk
  • Travel insurance: to help when a portion of a trip is cancelled or delayed


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Travel & Medical Assistance

AXA Assistance offers a broad range of medical and non-medical services that provide travelers with peace of mind when they are away from home. Assistance is available around the world through AXA Assistance Global Alarm Centers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. AXA Assistance centers are staffed by multilingual assistance coordinators and medical professionals. These individuals have the knowledge and experience to ensure travelers are protected. Whether it’s needing a referral for a doctor or arranging a life saving air evacuation, AXA Assistance is ready with knowledgeable and effective support throughout the process.

Assistance When Away From Home



Here are just some of the services AXA Assistance offers:

Travel Assistance

✓ Telephone Interpretation

✓ Emergency Cash/Bail Assistance

✓ Lost Document Assistance

✓ Legal Referrals

✓ Urgent Message Relay

✓ Pre-Trip and Cultural Information

✓ Pet Housing and Return


Medical Transportation

✓ Emergency Medical Evacuation

✓ Medical Repatriation

✓ Return of Remains

✓ Return of Dependent Children

✓ Transportation of a Family Member

✓ Unattended Vehicule Return

Medical Assistance


✓ Medical and Dental Referrals

✓ Medical Monitoring

✓ Vaccination Recommendations/Insect Precautions

✓ Prescription Transfer/Shipping

✓ Replacement of Medical Devices

✓ Dispatch of Physician

✓ Emergency Guarantee of Expenses

✓ Coordinate Hospital Admission & Discharge Planning


Travel Security

Today's expectations for travel safety include access to sophisticated solutions for global intelligence, tracking and security. AXA Assistance offers best-in-class solutions, one of the world’s leading independent security and risk management consultancy firm.

Travel Risk Management

Monitor threats around the world 24/7

Assess risks to help clients prepare for trips with targeted information and analysis

Notify employees & clients about new risks automatically through text, voice and email alerts

Map threats impacting travelers locations, facilities and supply chains

Respond to events as needed by combining fully integrated resources with a global reach

Travel Insurance

Ideally, planes are on time, traffic flows smoothly, the weather is perfect and the hotel room is ready on arrival. At other times, flights are cancelled, a passport disappears or a traveler is injured. That's when AXA Assistance USA's Travel Insurance goes to work protecting travelers, 365 days a year.

Protection For The Unexpected

Our Travel Insurance provides protection and support before, during and after the trip.

Key benefits include:

Trip cancellation and interruption

Lost of baggage and personal effects, baggage delay

Concierge services

Emergency medical expenses &       Evacuation and Repatriation


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Business Partners

Our Travel Insurance is specifically designed for companies that want to offer valuable support for people whether travelling near or far from home.

The program is ideal for:

✓ Employer Groups

✓ Affinity Groups

✓ Travel and Tour Operators

✓ Insurance Brokers & Consultants

✓ Financial Institutions & Credit Card Firms