About Us

AXA Assistance specializes in best-in-class cost containment, health and travel services. Over 60 years of experience combined with a US and international network of providers allow the organization to deliver innovative solutions and services in the US and around the world. AXA Assistance is part of AXA Group, the 27th largest company in the world.1


Global Service with a Local Touch

Key Figures

Every day AXA Assistance responds to a wide range of requests with solutions that reflect the local culture and language. The organization has developed thousands of resources and relationships, enabling it to support client needs quickly and effectively. 

$1 billion handled claims

9,000 employees in 30+ countries

Product marketed in 70+countries

Conducted business in 200+ countries and territories

17,000 transport managed

Whether it’s rescuing climbers from Mt. Fuji or directly negotiating a high dollar medical claim, AXA Assistance is ready to respond with high quality solutions for its clients.


1 Fortune Global 2018

Our People

Who We Are

Our Team

Our people are the driving force behind the success of AXA Assistance. Our employees have unparalleled experience and dedication to the assistance industry. The organization is led by seasoned professionals who are dedicated to providing the best services available anywhere. Our employees are passionate about satisfying our customers and clients.

AXA Assistance customer service employees act as an arm of your company and represent your organization to your customers. To ensure your clients receive the highest quality service, representatives live and breathe the AXA Assistance philosophy of service, and resourceful problem solving. 

The management team is made up of individuals with broad experience in the insurance, assistance and call center industries. Meet the U.S. Executive Team.

We emphasize three core attitudes as part of every employee’s training:

  • Available: We are there when our customers need us and we respond to their request
  • Reliable: We say what we do and do what we say, mobilizing necessary services
  • Attentive: We treat our customers with empathy and consideration

Together, we make a difference

What our customer representatives say...

Travel assistant coordinator, USA

"The best part of my job is the accomplishment of organizing a logistical challenging door-to-door repatriation for people in need. Additionally, my coworkers are incredibly helpful and courteous people with whom I enjoy spending my working hours."

Medical coordination assistant, Mexico

“I love my job because it enables me to help others.”

Assistance coordinator, Morocco

"What inspires me is the versatile nature of the services we provide. I coordinate the technical, medical and legal teams at the national and international levels. This diversity and our constant responsiveness enable us to provide our customers with the most suitable solution."

Medical center assistance operator, France

“Working in the medical center lets me put all the team spirit and service values into practice.”


Commitment to Quality

Our people, process & high standards

Our People

Quality begins with the people we hire. Employees undergo a three-six month training program that is augmented by regular performance reviews and a detailed training plan. All calls are monitored to ensure kudos and complaints are captured and addressed. Call data and statistics bolster feedback loop to measure the key components of every customer interaction. 

Our Process

At AXA Assistance, quality is part of every action we take, from how we serve customers to the people we hire. Every customer relationship is supported by a five-step process that includes activities that will lead to the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

  • Planning: we work with clients to design the service and establish expectations about features, service levels and timetables.
  • Roll Out: we use a written project plan to ensure service availability takes place on time.
  • Monitoring: we report to clients about how the service is being used.
  • Evaluation: we use audits and “voice of the customer” surveys to understand where the service exceeds or falls short of expectations.
  • Enhancement: we work with clients to identify process improvements or new features that will make the service even more beneficial.

Our High Standards

At AXA Assistance we regularly seek out certification from authorizing bodies to recognize our business processes and we consistently encourage employees to pursue individual recognition. 
Our Quality Management System is certified ISO 9001:2015. 
As part of our commitment to Quality, we consistently look for new ways to pursue excellence. AXA Assistance obtained URAC accreditation in Case Management. Our continued accreditation is an enhancement of our Quality Management System and our Case Management capabilities.

Our Executive Team

Meet Our Executive Team

Our Leaders

Blessy George, US Deputy Country Manager

Blessy George joined AXA Assistance USA in 2011 and has over 21 years of experience in managing legal and compliance matters, particularly related to the insurance and assistance industries. Ms. George was the Chief Compliance Officer for AXA Assistance USA and its U.S. affiliates and subsidiaries for four years. In August  2015, Ms. George was promoted to General Counsel.

In 2020, Blessy has been appointed Deputy Country Manager for the US.

In her current role, Ms. George leads the legal, compliance and internal control functions for the organization. Her duties include corporate governance, contract negotiation and management, litigation, regulatory compliance and audit processes to ensure proper internal controls within the organization. Before joining AXA Assistance, Ms. George held various positions at CNA Insurance Companies and Marsh McLennan. Her areas of legal and compliance expertise include insurance regulatory matters including licensing management, privacy & data security, and consumer protection laws.   

Ms. George has a JD from Loyola University Chicago. She also holds a BS in Business Administration and a BA in English Literature from the University of Tennessee.

Cai Glushak, MD, FACEP, International Medical Director

Cai Glushak joined AXA Assistance USA in 1996 and has a long history of medical direction in the fields of international medicine and aeromedical services. Dr. Glushak oversees and ensures quality of medical staff and activities of physicians, nurses and other clinicians throughout all offices of AXA Assistance globally. He ensures application of the highest standards of medical care throughout the AXA Assistance network to support the emergency and planned medical needs of its international clientele. 

Before joining AXA Assistance, Dr. Glushak was the EMS Medical Director for the University of Chicago Hospitals for nearly two decades providing medical oversight for ambulance and transport services for the City of Chicago. He has additional expertise in the areas of evacuation and repatriation of acutely ill patients. He is currently on the Board of EURAMI, the European Aeromedical Institute which credentials air ambulance providers.

Dr. Glushak is a member of the National Transitions of Care Coalition and promotes the use of professional medical call centers to address the  medical needs of patients worldwide. Dr. Glushak is a Board Certified Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Chicago with a medical degree from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec Canada.

Geoffrey Nagle, Head of Distribution for Health

Geoffrey (Geoff) Nagle has been with AXA Assistance USA since June 2015 with over 12 years of experience in the International TPA, Insurance and Assistance industry. 

Prior to becoming the Head of Health Distribution role, Geoff had leadership roles at AXA as Head of U.S. Health Strategy and Regional Network Management for the Americas.

Prior to his arrival to AXA Assistance, Geoff led the Global Vendor Management and Network Development team for MetLife Expatriate Benefits. In his previous position, Geoff was responsible for building health networks across the globe either with individual hospitals and clinics or through business process outsourcing with large, international PPO organizations in the Americas, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Geoff has a degree in Public Relations / Communication from La Salle University.

Vincent Lhoste, Head of Distribution for Travel

Vincent Lhoste has 24 years of experience and expertise in the Travel Industry. In January 2016, he joined AXA Travel Insurance Headquarters in the UK as Global Sales Director. Vincent Lhoste has been working within several travel industry sectors such as Car Rental (Europcar/Enterprise), Global Distribution System (GDS Galileo Travelport), Tour Operating (Managing Director TUI France ), Travel Trade show (Reed Exhibitions / World Travel Market portfolio) and Travel Insurance (AXA).

Vincent relocated to AXA Partners US in August 2019 to support AXA’s strong ambition in Travel Insurance in the strategic North American region.

In his current role, Mr. Lhoste leads the North American Travel sales strategy and Travel sales activities in the B2C and B2B2C markets, alongside managing AXA Partners Insurance capabilities in the region (Assistance, Insurance and reinsurance).

Vincent Lhoste has an Executive MBA from ESCP Europe.

Nicole Perreault, Head of Account Management

Nicole Perreault joined AXA Partners US in November 2007 and has over 16 years of experience in the Assistance and TPA industry.

During her 12 year tenure at AXA Partners, Nicole has played various roles within the organization such as Director of Operations, Director of Claims and most recently Director of Account Management. With her expertise and versatility, she has heavily contributed to the strategic growth of AXA Partners US.

Prior to joining AXA Partners, Nicole served as an Operations Manager with International SOS where she supported the case handling for their corporate and student activity. 

Nicole has a degree in communications from Rutgers University.

Klarita Selimaj, Chief Financial Officer 

Klarita joined AXA Partners USA in 2007 and is the executive team member with the longest tenure in the organization. In her career of almost 20 years in the Financial Services industry, Klarita has led successful financial teams in various countries of North America and Europe.

What makes Klarita unique is her ability to drive transformation and thrive within a fast-paced business environment. Klarita has consistently built strong relationships across the organization and with our clients. During her time with AXA, Klarita has strengthened our financial controls, refined our data analytics, and rigorously ensured that all statutory and corporate obligations are met.

Klarita Selimaj is a visionary and inspirational leader; she executes her vision through rigorous strategy development and constant monitoring of day-to-day deliverables. Respected as a credible voice in decision making, finding strategic financing partners, and establishing governance boundaries, Klarita leads by example wherever she works. She is currently leading a major strategic shift for transforming AXA Partners USA finance organization from functional and traditional transactional focus; toward business partnership and helping the entire organization creating greater value.

Aziz Ismail, Chief Information & Transformation Officer

Aziz Ismail joined AXA Partners US in 2016 with over 15 years of substantial experience planning, designing, leading, and implementing a broad range of corporate growth and realignment initiatives. Aziz has a proven talent to lead multiple cross-functional teams and leverage business acumen to foster innovation and agility to accelerate business growth while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Since joining AXA Partners US, Mr. Ismail has played a key role in leading the company through technology and business transformation. He introduced new ways of thinking about data/analytics, process simplification and automation. Aziz’s leadership style empowers teams to achieve operational excellence and deliver outstanding customer experience that directly drive AXA’s strategic value in the Health and Travel Assistance industries.

Mr. Ismail holds a MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management and a BS in Information Management Systems.

Esteban Gomiz Barbera, North America IT Director

Esteban Gomiz joined AXA Partners US as North America IT Director in June 2020 with over 17 years of experience within AXA Partners Group. Esteban joined AXA Partners Spain in 2003 and became Application Delivery Manager & CIO Deputy until 2018. After that, he was the IT Director at AXA Partners Canada until May 2020.

Esteban is passionate about Agile and has built cross-functional international teams with a wide experience in implementation of transformation programs to contribute to the business growth strategy plan. He has solid technical capabilities to drive innovative technology-driven solutions, as well as Cloud and IT Security expertise to ensure high performance and secure environments.

Mr. Esteban holds a Master in Technology Management from La Salle University.