Our Values

Our mission is to provide our clients with immediate solutions to help them in the event of an emergency, address health care needs and make their lives easier on a daily basis.

Strong Values Put Into Practice Everyday

Values are beliefs that drive our behavior

At AXA Assistance we put our corporate values into everyday practice. We believe in:

  • CUSTOMER FIRST: all our thinking starts with the customer - we always consider the way our customers live today and tomorrow so that we continue to be relevant and impactful. 
  • INTEGRITY: we are guided by strong moral principles, trusting our internal judgment to do the right thing for our customers, employees, stakeholders and partners. 
  • ONE AXA: we are stronger when collaborating and acting as one team.  Being together and being different with the same goal makes us better.  
  • COURAGE:  we speak our mind and act to make things happen. We push the boundaries of what is possible and take bold actions to find new ways to be valuable.