Global Medical Network

The AXA Assistance Medical network is made up of high quality service providers equipped with the skills and information to respond to customers' needs around the world whether it is for a medical referral, a second medical opinion or help in managing cases or claims. 

AXA Assistance services are delivered by a global network of providers that have been carefully chosen by the company. Thousands of high quality, credentialed providers equipped with specific knowledge and information are available to provide the help that is needed. If need be, we can quickly create dedicated network solutions focused on the client's local needs. 

Experience and Knowledge Right at Hand

Global Assistance Network

Knowledgeable, Practical Support 

AXA Assistance supports travelers' needs for help in making travel plans, providing non-medical referrals and arranging for other servcies that help make being away from home a little easier and safer.

The company's assistance, insurance and security services are supported by representatives 24/7 who use extensive information systems to help solve traverers' problems. The same information systems are available to members via the internet and mobile web.

With 60 years experience in providing assistance servcies, the company has cultivated deep resources aroud the world that enable it to help customers quickly and effectively. 

Global Network of Providers

A key strength of the services offered by AXA Assistance are the global networks of providers that deliver help and support to our client's employees and customers. These networks include thousands of people who are equipped with powerful sources of information and trained in dealing with both everyday and unusual situations.