For most people, life is hectic, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed from the demands of daily life. 
AXA Assistance offers Concierge Services that help make it easier to deal with everyday needs as well as make special occasions truly memorable.   

World Class Service for VIPs

A wide range of services

Where Everyone is a VIP

Every day, AXA Assistance fulfills requests to meet the specific needs and desires of our concierge clients’ customers, employees, and beneficiaries ranging from providing etiquette details in a specific country, to making reservations for travel, boat charters and sold-out concerts. Such services are part of AXA Assistance Concierge Program, designed to fulfill various travel and entertainment requests, as well as provide referrals to almost any type of service.

AXA Assistance Concierge services make life simpler and easier. Often, they provide unforgettable experiences that would otherwise be inaccessible through “normal” channels.

Client benefits

AXA Assistance Concierge custom programs offer companies the opportunity to:

  • Enhance customer loyalty and retention by providing a benefit that engages customers with their brand through more frequent and pleasurable interactions
  • Increase brand relevance and attract new customers by delivering a differentiated added-value service that has a positive impact on people’s everyday lives
  • Improve employee satisfaction and facilitate recruitment by supplying a service that goes the extra mile to make life easier
  • Boost productivity by extending a service that takes care of personal tasks and allows employees to focus on work priorities

Concierge Services include a broad range of services that can help you build a stronger relationship with your internal or external customers. And, if need be, services can be customized to reflect your brand values. 


Quality service that starts with people

AXA Assistance international, multi-lingual concierges have the insight, experience and expertise to fulfill requests from the mundane to the extraordinary. AXA Assistance is one of the world’s most experienced assistance companies, with offices across six continents and over 40 multi-lingual call centers around the world. No matter what time of the day, or which day of the year, AXA Assistance Concierges are just a phone call away from your customers and employees, ready to help them gain access to things they cannot get on their own, or simply do not have the time to arrange.

AXA Assistance Concierges bring a rich experience and passion in travel and hospitality and working closely together with colleagues across the globe, they bring a keen ability to solve the most complicated challenges or help with everyday needs. 

These services improve the more customers use them.  By tracking customer preferences and satisfaction over time, Concierges are able to provide even more customized solutions.


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