Case Management

AXA Assistance Health Services' Case Management department is committed to ensuring that patients receive high quality care. Through our global reach, our case management offices are activated based upon a strategic system that takes into consideration the customers journey and location. Full-time case management staff includes physicians and registered nurses who ensure accepted standards of care are used. 

Where Clinical Knowledge Counts

Global Medical Case Management

To maintain quality, yet avoid overutilization, AXA Assistance Health Services employ the following protocols:

  • Staffing of a team of medical professionals to reviews cases to ensure services are medically necessary and relevant
  • Utilization of an industry standard (Interqual) evidence based management guidelines that focus on medical necessity, level of care and length of stay
  • Pre and post medical cost estimates for all inpatient cases and medical evacuations and repatriations

This commitment to providing quality case management pays off for clients: patients receive the appropriate standard of care ensured by professional guidelines, costs are understood in advance and monitored by clinical professionals.


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